Dr. Schar Opens USA Facility - Celiac Disease
Jul 4 2012

Dr. Schar Opens USA Facility

I have long been a fan of Dr. Schar (Schar) gluten-free products, so I was pleased to hear about the opening of a facility right here in the United States.  I received photos from the opening ceremony and thought you all would like to see them as well.  First, a brief overview of the event:

Located in Swedesboro, New Jersey, the 60,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility will produce Schar’s popular and newest baked goods. Most notably, Schar is excited to announce that the facility will officially introduce to the U.S. marketplace Schar gluten-free plain and cinnamon bagels as a result of consumer demands. Additionally, the site will produce the following including baked goods:

– Classic and Multigrain Par Baked Ciabatta rolls, and baguettes

– Hearty White Frozen Bread – Hearty Grain Frozen Bread

– Upcoming baked goods currently in development

“The launch of our first facility in the United States is an exciting milestone for the Schar brand, says Donna L. George, President and COO of Dr. Schar USA, Inc. The facility will help accelerate the growth and availability of innovative gluten-free foods in grocery, natural, and specialty stores as well as restaurants and other food outlets across the country. Dr. Schar is committed to raising awareness and improving the quality of life of those in the U.S. who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Our vision is for the Schar brand to be the U.S. market leader in gluten-free foods and innovation, New Jersey is a perfect location to support our national distribution and growth. We are proud to proclaim that Dr. Schar, the market leader in Europe based on a platform of quality, safety, knowledge, and research, is now also made in the USA.”

As a gluten-free facility, Schar will strictly adhere to the same rigorous production standards followed by all company facilities across the globe. From the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing of gluten-free baked goods, the facility will comply with the 20 ppm or less maximum gluten content standard established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission—a joint program of the World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization.

At the event, Schar honored actress Jennifer Esposito’s Jennifer’s Way Foundation for Celiac, a non-profit organization whose aim is to provide education and advocacy on celiac disease and living a healthy and gluten-free life. With a philosophy that every month is Celiac Awareness Month, Schar selected Jennifer’s Way Foundation for Celiac to help support the organization’s efforts to elevate the awareness of celiac disease and provide information for the community.

Dr. Schar USA Facility

USA Facility

Dr. Schar Group Owner & President - Ulrich Ladurner

Dr. Schar Group Owner & President – Ulrich Ladurner

Dr. Schar USA Check Presentation to Jennifer's Way Foundation for Celiac

Dr. Schar USA Check Presentation to Jennifer’s Way Foundation for Celiac

Dr. Schar Facility - NEW Gluten-Free Products - Bagels

Dr. Schar NEW gluten-free bagels

I can’t wait to try the new Schar bagels!  They come in plain and cinnamon raisin!  The bagels can be purchased on the Schar website, but are currently listed as “out of stock”.  Schar products can also be found in stores across the US – to find the location closest to you, use the store locator.

Do you have a favorite Schar product?  Currently I am hooked on the deli-style bread for lunch with turkey, avocado, spicy brown mustard and lettuce!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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