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Oct 28 2010

Silk Pure Almond Adds New Flavors

Over the summer I discovered that Silk had begun making almond milk in addition to soy milk. There were 2 varieties of Silk Pure Almond at the time: Original & Vanilla. Since then I have been indulging in Silk Pure Almond on a weekly basis. I go back & forth between it and the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.

As I was shopping last week I discovered that there are now two new flavors in the Silk Pure Almond line up: Dark Chocolate & Unsweetened. I purchased them both and couldn’t wait to get into the Dark Chocolate. The Dark Chocolate is my new favorite treat! Fortunately Jon is also a huge fan, so there often isn’t very much to go around or I would be drinking way too much of that stuff! The Unsweetened variety is comparable to the Almond Breeze Unsweetened milk, but without a vanilla taste. I actually prefer the Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened because it doesn’t taste as sweet to me. It makes a great addition to my morning coffee.

There are a couple of other varieties of almond milk on the market that can be found in most areas. Almond Dream is made by The Hain Celestial Group and comes in 2 different varieties – Original & Unsweetened. Pacific Natural Foods also makes almond milk in 3 different varieties: Original, Unsweetened & Vanilla.

Almond milk makes a nice non-dairy substitute for those who can’t have dairy or are trying to limit their dairy intake. It doesn’t have nearly the amount of protein – only 1 gram compared to the 8 grams in same serving size of skim milk, however, it does have other necessary vitamins, like calcium & vitamin D. Amounts vary by brand.

I not only use almond milk in my coffee, cereal and to drink, but in a lot of my baking as well. I can do little bits of dairy, but actually prefer the flavor of almond milk now. I am pleased to see that stores across the US carry all of the brands mentioned in this article, though maybe not all of the varieties.

Have you tried any of the Silk Pure Almond varieties? What about the other brands mentioned here?

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