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Nov 17 2012

Thanksgiving Gluten-Free: Stuffing Options

Thanksgiving is now less than a week away.  Are you ready?  I usually make my stuffing (dressing) from scratch using homemade corn bread.  I hadn’t previously found any shortcuts for making the stuffing gluten-free until I began to see some new products on the shelves this year.  Both Gillian’s Foods and Glutino have gluten-free stuffing to help make your busy day just a little easier.


Gillian’s Foods Home-Style Stuffing serves 16 people according to the package – perfect for a big holiday meal.  There are directions on the side for making the stuffing, which does include seasonings in the mix.

INGREDIENTS: Water, tapioca flour, White rice flour, Eggs white, Soy flour,Soy oil, Poultry Seasoning, Guar gum, Salt, Sugar, Yeast

Gillian’s Home-Style Stuffing can be purchased online for $2.99 or in stores across the US.  I found it in our local Earth Fare.  All of their products are made in a dedicated gluten, wheat and nut-free environment.

Glutino has been around since before I started the gluten-free diet in 2006 (1983 to be exact). They are consistently adding new products to their line-up with the latest being Corn Bread Stuffing.

Glutino stuffing


Just in time for Thanksgiving!  The new Glutino Corn Bread stuffing can be found in Whole Foods stores across the US.  I don’t have any information on the ingredients or pricing yet, but will update once I do.

If you have the time  or are a stickler for tradition, making stuffing from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simply make your corn bread or dry out gluten-free bread a few days in advance. Follow this link for my favorite cornbread stuffing.

Do you have a favorite recipe for stuffing?  Have you made it gluten-free yet?

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  1. Need to find how and the closes place around where I live to get some of this gluten free corn bread stuffing ? 134 Stratford Dr. Wendell , N.C. 27591 thanks!

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