The Great Gluten Escape–Camp for Celiac Kids - Celiac Disease
Apr 28 2011

The Great Gluten Escape–Camp for Celiac Kids

I always dreamed of going away to sleep away camp as a child.  I never went to sleep away camp, most likely because I didn’t like to spend the night away from home, which seems funny since I dreamed of going to camp!  It was hard enough for my parents to get me to spend a week at my grandparents house, let alone a camp.  I remember in 6th grade our class went away for 3 days to a campground.  We stayed in cabins with a separate “bathhouse”, where all of the toilets, sinks & showers were located.  I was not amused.  My kids have never asked to go to sleep away camp before.  This year will be the first year that Jon actually goes away for a week to a camp of sorts and unfortunately, it won’t be to a one that serves all gluten-free food like this one I just read about.

The Great Gluten Escape is a camp that is a 6 day/5 night summer resident camp has been designed for kids ages 7-15 with dietary restrictions related to Celiac Disease, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, and/or Gluten Sensitivity/Intolerance.  What a great idea!  If there are no gluten-containing foods present in the camp, there is a lot less to worry about.  Parents will still worry, it is in our nature, but not having to worry about safe food is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.  More information about the camp:

This week is the last week for regular registration!

In the tradition of the Chicken Run…Come join us for the Great Escape!

When: July 10-15, 2011
Where: Camp Gilmont in Gilmer, Texas
What: A celiac camp for children ages 7-15
The Great Gluten Escape will provide each camper with an opportunity to
participate in all camp activities without concern for the gluten content
of the food provided. The camp will provide an environment that encourages
peer support and escape from the daily peer pressure of the “I can’t have
that” syndrome.
This 6 day/5 night summer resident camp has been designed for youth ages
7-15 with dietary restrictions related to Celiac Disease, Dermatitis
Herpetiformis, and/or Gluten Sensitivity/Intolerance. This is the camp
where you can escape from the gluten loaded world we live in. For one week
you will no longer have to worry about gluten!

Camp Gilmont located in Gilmer, Texas approximately 2 hours east of Dallas , Texas . The camp comes with all the normal camp events and activities.  Each camper will experience all of the excitement of a summer resident camp, including S’mores by the campfire!

We welcome siblings whom are also of the age 7 to 15 that are not diagnosed with Celiac Disease, DH, or Gluten Intolerance, however, only gluten free food will be served during camp. We regret we will not be able to accommodate campers experiencing the physical challenges associated with Down Syndrome and/or Autism. Effective in 2009, we regretfully announce that we will no longer be able to accept diabetic campers.

Kelly LeMonds, Camp Director

This sounds like a great set up if you live close enough!

As for me, I will be contacting the college where Jon’s camp is being held and trying to figure out how they will safely feed him for a week.  I was told that they have experience in feeding kids with all different kinds of allergies, so I am hopeful that it will all work out.  Jon is old enough & experienced enough to know what he can & can’t eat.  The thing I worry about is him trying to live on Cool Ranch Doritos, Gatorade & Snickers bars for a week because it is easier in his mind.

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