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Sep 16 2008

Tips for Baking Gluten Free Bread in a Bread Machine

If you’ve ever tried to make a homemade gluten free bread using a bread machine, you have probably learned that there can be quite the learning curve.   This is especially true for someone who isn’t using a bread machine which was specifically built to handle baking gluten-free breads.

If you’d like to learn more about baking gluten free bread in a bread machine, you’ll want to check out Gluten Free Cooking School.   The author recently took the time to write a very informative post which answers some reader questions about baking their own gluten free breads.

Here is a small excerpt:

2. The bread machine directions says I have to put in the wet ingredients, then the dry, then a small hole for the yeast. That’s not how your gluten free bread recipe goes. Since I’ve never used a bread machine before this one, I’m not sure if I will hurt the machine by not using the paddle and just putting it all in.

Either method should be fine. The reason that I mix the dough in a bowl and then bake the bread without the bread machine paddle, is that I’ve lost the paddle. After years of baking without a paddle, my machine is not showing any ill effects. However, I used to follow the normal bread and you should be able to do that with my recipe without any problems.

If you are interested in learning more, click over to check out the other questions and answers!

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