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Nov 21 2013

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint Adds More Choices to Gluten-Free Menu

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, a fast casual pizza place, is one of the only restaurants nationwide offering a gluten-free kids’ pizza!  This is great news for those with younger gluten-free kids, as they are often picky when it comes to toppings.  The small, kid-size pizza is 6-inches in diameter as opposed to the 9-inch regular size.


More about the new gluten-free choices:

Seeing the demand for gluten-free foods increase, the company lovingly serves up new desserts for everyone, including a gluten-free oat bar infused with caramel. Nominated in the restaurant category for the Best of Gluten-Free 2013 sponsored by TriumphDining, Uncle Maddio’s already offers gluten-free pizza crust, and many locations also include gluten-free beer options on their beverage menu.

At Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, the gluten-free menu accounts for five to seven percent of pizza sales, per location. The 18 Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint locations nationwide are among the only restaurants in the nation to offer gluten-free kid’s meal pizzas in addition to their standard nine inch pie. This is in addition to more than 25 gluten-free toppings, salad dressings, and new gluten-free oat bar infused with caramel, available at each Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint.

Uncle Maddio’s takes special precautions to ensure its crust is safe for people with gluten allergies. In order to prevent cross-contamination, pizza makers at Uncle Maddio’s take special steps when preparing and serving gluten-free pizza, including: putting on new gloves; using separate pans and utensils; and pulling toppings from fresh bins. The Uncle Maddio’s restaurant design allows customers to watch their pizza being prepared directly in front of them. The transparent food prep process allows customers with food allergies to ensure their order is accurate and safe.

Uncle Maddio’s has 18 locations in 6 states and an additional 35 franchise restaurants in development for 2014.  I would love to see them open a location or two in the Columbus, Ohio area in the future.

Have you tried Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint?  Celiac-Disease.com’s Anne Steib visited an Atlanta location in 2012 and shared experience here.

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