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Mar 15 2009

UNO's Chicago Grill Gluten Free Restaurant Menu Review

There are a number of great restaurant chains in the United States that offer a gluten free menu.   One of the more popular pizza restaurants within the Celiac community is UNO’s Chicago Grill.  Most of their locations throughout the United States offer gluten free pizzas (cheese or pepperoni), as well as many other gluten free foods (examples include a gluten free sundae, a top Sirloin Steak, Chop House Classic, Lemon Basil Salmon, and a Baby and Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Mango Salsa).  If you are interested, you can see everything they offer that is gluten free here.

When Gluten Free Restaurants was created, one of the things we wanted to do was feature restaurant reviews found around the web.   Once recent review we ran across over at Gluten Free Inspired which reviewed a recent visit to UNO’s Chicago Grill:

I was apprehensive about ordering the gf pizza, because after 44 years on the gf diet, I still thought, “What if they get the pizzas mixed up and I get one with gluten. I can’t afford to get sick!” I always tell the hostess that I want a gf menu which saves time and works out best from my experience. The hostess whipped out a colorful gf menu. I then explained my apprehension to my waitress. She assured me that the manager would serve my gf pizza, which should dispel my greatest fears! The manager not only served my gf pizza, but he assured me that UNOS has a dedicated corner of their kitchen just for preparing gluten-free meals in order to avoid cross-contamination. That was great news!

Never in my wildest dreams could I envision 44 years ago that you could go into a national chain and order gf pizza and one so reasonable. The cheese pizza was $11.49.

Sounds like Jane had a great experience at UNO’s Chicago Grill.   Have you tried any of their gluten free menu items yet?  Share your experience in the comments!

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