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Sep 23 2010

Warning: Gluten-free Product Ingredient Changes

From time to time, companies change product ingredients and two such recent cases might be of interest to our readers. We strive to be factual on this website and it took some time to make sure the news we’d heard was in fact, true.

While not specifically labeled gluten-free, the onion soup mix from Lipton has been considered gluten-free (by the company and many in our community) for many years. Recently, the product ingredients changed and the mix now contains barley. It’s clearly marked on the package so be sure and read the ingredients to avoid buying the reformulated soup mix. There are likely to be two versions of the mix out there until all the old mix runs out.

The other change won’t matter to everyone who is gluten-free, but it does affect those that are gluten and soy free. Betty Crocker’s gluten-free Devil’s Food Cake mix has recently been reformulated to contain soy flour. My guess is that the addition of soy flour will improve this mix greatly and I plan to try it as soon as I find it in my area. Presently, none of the other Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes contain soy flour, though they do contain soy lecithin.

General Mills states that there is likely a lot of the previous formulation of the cake mix on store shelves and that consumers might even find both versions next to each other. Very few areas have the new mix in stock at this time, but they have started shipping out nationwide. In addition to soy flour being listed in the ingredients on the new cake mix, the disclaimer on the box says “contains soy” as well.

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  1. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for this info – I had just bought a box of the Lipton’s because I have used it in the past, and when I looked at the ingredient list, I noticed it did include barley. Just proves that you always have to check no matter how many times you have used a product!

  2. Thanks for that update!

    I didn’t think the Devil’s Food Cake needed changing, but I guess some others did. I will be interested to see if I can tell the difference. I am not a huge fan of soy – mainly because in larger amounts it bothers my stomach. Lately that doesn’t seem to be that case, though.


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