Warning Signs of Infertility Due to Celiac Disease - Celiac Disease
Aug 29 2008

Warning Signs of Infertility Due to Celiac Disease

Infertility caused by Celiac Disease is a topic we’ve covered quite a few times here at Celiac-Disease, but one thing we haven’t covered are the warning signs.   

For those that weren’t aware, infertility and miscarriage have long been thought to be associated with Celiac’s disease due to the body’s inability to absorb the nutrients necessary to carry a healthy baby. Until recently, investigations into infertility rarely considered Celiac’s disease as a cause, yet up to eight per cent of supposedly infertile women are now believed have gluten sensitivity.

According to a recent post over at Bloody Health:

Times are changing as experts acknowledge Celiac’s disease as a major cause of fertility issues, and getting tested for Celiac’s disease and starting to eliminate foods that contain gluten, has saved thousands of women the expense and emotional stress of IVF or other fertility treatments. If you are having problems conceiving, and are also experiencing any of the symptoms related to Celiac’s disease and gluten sensitivity, ask your doctor for an initial blood test.

Studies of women with Celiac’s disease have concluded that those who included gluten in their diet tended to start their periods around eighteen months later than those following a gluten allergy diet. They were also four times more likely to experience irregular periods, or gaps in menstruation, and to enter menopause around four to five years earlier. Again, this disruption of the menstrual cycle is linked to the inability of a celiac that is eating foods that contain gluten to absorb enough nutrients from their diet.

For more information, click over to check out their post!

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