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Oct 19 2011

What Do You Miss About Eating Gluten?

I have been eating gluten free for over 5 years now and it has definitely become like second nature.  I can spot the unsafe ingredients on a label in a flash, I am confident that I know what to avoid and what is safe to eat.  I have also become very good at taking any recipe (even with gluten ingredients) and converting it to be safe for our gluten-free diet.

When people first hear that I have to eat gluten-free because of celiac disease and my kids (& husband) all eat gluten free at home, I get this look of pity.  A feeling that we are missing out on life because of our food limitations.

I don’t feel like we are missing out. Most of the foods we eat (and most foods in my opinion people should eat) are naturally gluten free. We do eat packaged gluten free products as well and thankfully we have access to amazing food that doesn’t taste like a replacement.

There are times though that I do miss eating without food restrictions.  It isn’t about the food but more about the convenience.  Being able to – on those really busy days – to go and pick up fast food or something semi-prepared at the grocery store.  Picking  a random restaurant and being able to walk in and choose anything off the menu.

That is what I miss. Not all the time because the way I feel now being gluten-free trumps any food or convenience craving but on those really busy days – I really miss it.

What about you? Is there anything you miss about eating gluten?

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  1. Barb says:

    Picking up the phone and ordering pizza!

  2. Desiree Jefferson says:

    I miss Velveta and Lipton onion soup mix!

  3. Jenn says:

    I miss being normal at a lunch meeting. Noticing I can’t eat what is being served I will be quiet and not eat and people make a big deal thinking I’m a snob about the meal , I hate having to explain over and over about my intolerance 🙁 I just want normalcy

  4. Jane Asher says:

    I miss “real” pizza, a little bit of beer (at the ball park), just ordering from the menu without the requisite questions, and cake for dessert anytime I want it! But being gf has changed my life after 55 years of not knowing what the heck was wrong with my gut, my skin, my brain, etc. No looking back for me!

  5. Daisy Cook says:

    I do miss good bread. But for all of that NOT HAVING THE AFTER EFFECT OF EATING GLUTEN, MY GOODNESS I FEEL LIKE A NORMAL PERSON AGAIN. 50 YEARS WITH THE CRUD AND NOW 5 YEARS FREE. Nothing better.I have it my mother had it, my daughter and granddaughter has it. I think it runs in families. The diet is fine.

  6. Jana Hopper says:

    The only thing I miss is decent textured breads and grains. I’ve been GF for 10 years now. I also miss the ease of ordering whatever I want at a restaurant or fast food. The truth is though…I know I feel better now. Other people can think what they want about it. I am probably healthier now than most of my family and friends who eat gluten anyway…

  7. Amanda says:

    Truthfully, I don’t miss gluten-filled foods at all. I just miss blending in, not having to worry about what I can eat before I travel, traveling without a bag full of back up food, not having to explain my “weird” eating habits to those I’m dining with, not having to call companies over and over again to see if their product has changed, not having to spend $5-$6 for a load of bread, not having to be a “pain” for my hosts at dinner parties…l miss eating without thinking about it! I’m with Jenn, I miss the normalcy of life with gluten.

  8. Marlene Tonkin says:

    I miss good pizza and wonderful breads. I have found many foods that help me get through I did try Amy’s cookies they were very delicious especially the plain ones. Also Aleia’s Almond Horns. I eat very plain foods but enjoy my snacks like Pamelas whenever bars. Thanks for the blogs they are very informative. I look forward to receiving them daily and share them with my GF friends that seem unable to get them.


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