Where Can I Find a Gluten-free Pie Crust? - Celiac Disease
Dec 11 2009

Where Can I Find a Gluten-free Pie Crust?

There are several ready-made gluten-free pie crusts on the market. Gillian’s makes a crust which is sold at Whole Foods and many health food stores around the country. Gluten-Free Bakehouse, a Whole Foods brand (only sold at Whole Foods), also makes a gluten-free pie crust. Like most ready-made gluten pie crusts, the ready-made gluten-free crusts are stocked in the freezer case at the store.

The very best tasting crusts are generally made from gluten-free baking mixes. Our favorites are Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix, Gluten-Free Pantry and Breads by Anna. Pamela’s mix contains almond flour so people with nut allergies would want to avoid that product line. Almond flour tends to bake quite similarly to wheat flour in many recipes. The Pamela’s and Gluten-Free Pantry pie crust mixes both yield excellent tasting gluten-free crusts.

The mix from Bread by Anna is unlike any other gluten-free pie crust mix we’ve found because it does not contain any rice flour. There is no difference in the taste of the Breads by Anna crust, compared to gluten crusts. In fact, everyone I’ve served it to agrees that the crust is much better than the Pet Ritz gluten crusts I used in the past. It’s kind of exciting when you find out that one of your gluten-free replacement foods is better than the gluten version you ate before going gluten-free!

Omit the sugar when making one of the above pie crust mixes to make a crust for quiche or other savory dishes. We prefer the Pamela’s Products ‘easy pie crust’ recipe sans sugar for quiche crusts. The Pamela’s website also offers a savory crust recipe to use with their excellent Gluten-Free Cornbread mix.

An easy way to make gluten-free pie crusts is to use crushed gluten-free cookies and butter (or butter substitute). There are tons of such recipes on the Recipe Zaar website and you just sub out gluten-free cookies for the gluten cookies the recipes call for. Pamela’s Ginger Snapz and Trader Joe’s gluten-free ginger cookies both make perfect pie crusts. Jo-sef Gluten-Free, The Grainless Baker, Kinnikinnick and Sunny Valley Wheat Free all make gluten-free graham crackers. Those work great for cheesecake and other pies. Kinnikinnick K-Toos are perfect for making cookies-n-cream  pie crusts.

Before I really got into gluten-free baking, I often made crustless quiche and pies. You can bake most pie fillings in individual ramekins, which hold slightly less than one piece of pie – in a round form. This works well for apple pie, pecan pie and cold pies like key lime and coconut. Happy holiday baking everyone!

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