Whole Foods Pulls Mislabeled Gluten Free Products Off Shelves - Celiac Disease
Dec 31 2008

Whole Foods Pulls Mislabeled Gluten Free Products Off Shelves

As a follow up to their previous post, the Chicago Tribune now reports that Whole Foods Market has finally removed three gluten free products from their shelves due to them containing gluten.

According to the article, it sounds like Whole Foods Market intially refused, but due to the number of complaints from consumers, they decided to go ahead and go through with it.

After the Tribune’s report, Whole Foods initially balked at removing the products, saying it was the supplier’s responsibility to ensure the items were safe and legal.

But in subsequent days, Whole Foods received about 20 consumer complaints or inquiries, including from those who thought “gluten-free” meant zero-gluten, company spokeswoman Libba Letton said. The Austin, Texas-based chain pulled the products nationwide, but could not say how many items or how many of its 279 stores were affected.

“Listening to what our customers had to say, in addition to looking at the facts, we decided we just needed to go ahead and pull the products,” Letton said.

It is unfortunate that Whole Foods Market didn’t do it for the “right” reasons, but at least it shows that the letters everyone sent did help!

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