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Sep 16 2014

Larabar News

I have been a fan of Larabar products since as long as I have been gluten-free. When I started the diet I was forced to look outside the box at some foods that I wouldn’t have chosen previously. Many times I found new products that I fell in love with, like I did with Larabar. These days I use Larabar ALT for a quick snack after a run or workout to hold me over until my next meal.

Larabar is bringing back a couple of seasonal favorites for fall: Pumpkin Pie and Snickerdoodle.

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If you haven’t had a chance to try these bars, seek them out. They are both awesome and are much healthier versions of the real thing. They will only be around for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance!

Larabar Uber has changed the packaging so that you can now see exactly how “uber” is bar is when you pluck it off of the grocery store shelf. As the slogan says, “What you see is what you taste!”

Look for Larabar products in your local heath and grocery stores. They are also available online from a number of different sources

Sep 15 2014

Review: Glutino Pretzel Chips

Glutino has no shortage of kid-approved gluten-free foods and their Pretzel Chips are no different. Snacks are an important part of the day, especially for kids who are always on the go. Pretzel Chips are easy to pack for lunches or snacks to eat alone or dipped into something like salsa, peanut butter, honey or cream cheese. You could even pack along cheese and lunchmeat cut into circles to make sandwiches with the Pretzel Chips, like a homemade “Lunchable”.

IMG 3304


The Pretzel Chips have a great texture and taste great! I did pile mine with some deli turkey and avocado for a nice afternoon snack. Next up is almond butter/pretzel chip sandwiches.

Glutino Pretzel Chips can be purchased online ($4.99/bag or $25.94/6 bags) or in a store near you. If you stock up, Glutino offers free shipping on orders over $59. Have you tried the new Glutino Pretzel Chips? What did you think?

*This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything. 

Sep 13 2014

Gluten-Free College #3: A Peek Inside the Ohio University Gluten-Free Program

This week I choose to review the Gluten-Free Pizza and the Orange Snickerdoodle cookies. Pizza has always been one of my favorite foods growing up, so naturally I like almost every pizza I try. The pizza here is good but, not the best. So far this has been my favorite meal here and I get it quite often. You can get whatever toppings you can think of on your pizza, but I only like the pepperoni and sausage, so that is what I usually get.

Photo 3

Now onto my favorite food I’ve tried since I got to Ohio University, the Orange Snickerdoodle. This is by far one of my favorite cookies, ever! The cookies are items you can get with your meal so it is included in your swipe for the meal. I truly still enjoy the gluten-free experience down here at Ohio University.

Photo 1

Ingredients on the back of the package:

Photo 2

I hope you guys are finding Jon’s reviews of the meals he is eating at college helpful. He will also be sharing some of the gluten-free options that are available in the market close to his dorm, where he is also able to use his meal swipe card, in the near future.

Sep 12 2014

Celebrate Celiac Awareness Day with Three Jerks Memphis BBQ Jerky

Celiac Awareness Day is tomorrow, September 13th. What better way to celebrate than with a fun gluten-free snack like Three Jerks Memphis BBQ Jerky? To be honest, I am getting tired of protein bars and this protein-filled snack sounds much more appetizing to me!


Three Jerks has four different varieties of jerky, but the Memphis BBQ is the only variety that is gluten-free. More about Three Jerks Memphis BBQ Jerky:

Superlative BBQ made unique for jerky. Using a quintessentially Memphis style blend of natural spices, we created a dry rub that starts off sweet. But beware, just when the seasoning happily layers your taste buds, the cayenne kicks you in the back of the mouth! With sweet heat, the meat is rubbed by hand with an array of seasonings, transporting you to the south. Treat yo self! We may be jerks, but this southern gentleman jerky is a little fiery, yet refined.


Three Jerks is made from 100% filet mignon with all natural ingredients and spices. Why filet mignon? Read below:

Lean yet succulent, filet mignon is the finest steak from the most precious part of the cow. Tender and buttery, the filet puts other beef to shame. Simply put, shouldn’t the best cut of meat produce the best piece of beef jerky?  We know so.

This is truly a wonderful on-the-go snack and is available for purchase online and in select retailers nationwide. 

Sep 11 2014

Milton’s Gluten-Free Crackers

It’s a good thing Costco is right around the corner from my house because I seem to spend an awful lot of time there. I went in the other day to get a rotisserie chicken and organic strawberry preserves when I ran across some new crackers: Milton’s Gluten-Free Crackers. Sometimes I get frustrated when I find an awesome gluten-free product and then it disappears from Costco, but on the flip side, it allows for new gluten-free products to come in.


Milton’s Gluten-Free Crackers come in four different varieties:

  • Crispy Sea Salt
  • Multigrain
  • Everything
  • Cheddar

All of the crackers are:

  • Certified gluten-free
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Orthodox Union Kosher
  • rBST free
  • Xanthan gum free
  • Peanut and nut free
  • Certified vegetarian
  • No trans fat
  • Baked, not fried

The Everything Crackers are the crackers I spotted in my Costco store, but I didn’t see any of the other varieties. They were priced at $7.69 for a 20 ounce bag. According to the blog on the Milton’s Craft Bakers website, the crackers should be rolling out to retail and club stores across the country.