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Apr 17 2015

Review: Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Dairy-Free Cheeze

Giving up gluten is hard. Giving up an additional food makes it even harder, especially when it is one you really like, like dairy. Milk wasn’t a big issue since I haven’t drunk it in years, but cheese…oh, my cheese! I know there are many decent dairy-free cheese options out there now, so when I spotted Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Dairy-Free Cheeze at the store on Sunday, I picked it up.

IMG 5189

I don’t like to eat a lot of frozen meals, but it is nice to have something like this on hand for those busy evenings.

Ingredients: No Trans Fat/No Added MSG/No Preservatives (Vegan) Organic rice pasta (organic rice flour, water), filtered water, DaiyaTM Vegan Cheddar-Style Cheeze (filtered water, tapioca and/or arrowroot flour, expeller pressed high oleic safflower oil, coconut oil, pea protein, salt, inactive yeast, vegan natural flavors, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, citric acid, annatto), organic expeller pressed safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic sweet rice flour, sea salt, nutritional yeast, mustard powder.

IMG 5190

The meal was simple to prepare in the microwave, but can be prepared in the oven, if you prefer that method. I was worried that this wouldn’t be enough food for me, but paired with some sugar snap peas, it was perfect! I really enjoyed the this meal and I might not have even known it was dairy-free had I not been the on to purchase it. The flavor and texture was fantastic and it was tummy-friendly! I can definitely see buying this again in the future.

Amy’s has a wonderful selection of gluten-free products ranging from pizzas, to frozen meals, to soups, to desserts. Look for these foods in your local grocery or health food store.

Have you tried any of Amy’s gluten-free products? What about the Rice Macaroni with Dairy-Free Cheeze?

Apr 15 2015

Review: Horizon Organic Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese has always been a big hit in our house. I don’t think I have run across a child, or an adult for that matter, that didn’t like mac & cheese. Most kids like the boxed mac & cheese we have all grown to know and love, while adults may prefer homemade or even gourmet versions. Following the gluten-free diet poses a little bit of a challenge when making mac & cheese, though there are many gluten-free options on the grocery store shelves these days.

Horizon Organic Gluten-Free Mac is a boxed macaroni & cheese that uses white cheddar cheese.

IMG 5171

Horizon’s promise:

  • We’re proud to be part of the National Organic Program, which prohibits the use of GMOs
  • We steer clear of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • We do our best to use simple, recognizable ingredients

Horizon Organic Gluten-Free Mac is easy to make on the stove in less than 15 minutes. Milk and a little butter is all that is needed to complete the dish. Jon really enjoyed this mac & cheese and declared it to be one of his favorites! He said the pasta was tender and the cheese “sauce” was better than many others he has tried. Each serving (about 2.5 per box) contains 10 grams protein. Jon loves to eat his mac & cheese with baked beans, often mixed together.


Organic Gluten-Free Pasta (White Rice Flour, Green Lentil Flour, Corn Flour), Organic Cheddar Cheese (Organic Cultured Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Organic Nonfat Milk, Organic Butter (Organic Cream, Salt), Salt, Organic Corn Starch, Disodium Phosphate, Extractives of Organic Annatto (Color). Contains: Milk

Look for Horizon Organic Gluten-Free Mac in your local grocery or health food store. Do you have a favorite gluten-free mac & cheese? Have you tried the new Horizon Organic Gluten-Free Mac?

*The products in this post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

Apr 13 2015

Review: Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar

I recently omitted dairy from my diet in addition to gluten. I have known for years that I was lactose intolerant, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to think it was a little more than that. I always took Lactaid with any kind of dairy that I ate and it did help to a degree. When I just wasn’t feeling 100% over the past couple of months stomach wise, I knew it was time to try omitting dairy. I knew my biggest problem was going to be cheese. I quit drinking cow’s milk years ago, so cheese was the last thing I was really holding onto.  Hidden dairy, as in the kind found in baked goods or cooked foods that we often don’t think about, would also be something I needed to start paying attention to.

It has been about three weeks now and I feel a lot better (stomach wise). I also noticed I am not really having the sinus headaches that I was having. I am quickly learning to navigate the dairy-free world, which is much easier to do at home than it is eating out. I pack a lot of snacks in my purse/tote bag every time I leave the house so I am not left hungry. I love it when I find yummy snacks that are dairy-free in addition to gluten-free…it really makes my day! Nature’s Bakery recently introduced a gluten-free variety of their Fig Bars and they just so happen to be dairy-free, too!

IMG 5155

More about the new Gluten-Free Fig Bars:

“After months of research and development to perfect the recipe, we are confident we’re bringing the best gluten-free fig bar to the market,” said Sam Marson, co-founder of Nature’s Bakery. “The flour blend was the most important detail to master. The bars taste incredible and adhere to our high standards of reliable flavor and quality. The texture doesn’t miss any marks.”

The bars are made with ancient grains using a Smart Flour™ blend of teff, sorghum, amaranth, and tapioca flours. The line is in the final stages of completing a Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) certificate, issued by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).

There are six different varieties of the Gluten-Free Fig Bar:

  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Original Fig
  • Coconut
  • Pomegranate
  • Ginger

We received samples of four of the varieties last week and I didn’t waste any time digging into the bars. I loved Fig Newtons as a child, so I was hopeful these would measure up. I was not disappointed! Additionally, the other varieties are just as tasty. I look forward to trying the Coconut and Ginger varieties when I can find them locally.

IMG 5159

Look for Nature’s Bakery Gluten-Free Fig Bars at stores across the US. Be careful to make sure you pick up the gluten-free variety, as they do make some products that are not gluten-free.

*The products mentioned in this post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything. 

Apr 10 2015

Clif Bar Introduces Organic Trail Mix Bars

Clif Bar makes a few different varieties of gluten-free products.Last year Clif Bar introduced five new gluten-free bars called Clif Mojo Fruit & Nut and Clif Mojo Dark Chocolate to join some of their other gluten-free products. Now Clif Bar has renamed the line and added some new varieties to that line-up.

IMG 5140

The packaging looks similar, but instead of saying, “Clif Mojo” on the front, it says, “Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar”. The varieties include:

  • Cranberry Almond
  • Wild Blueberry Almond
  • Coconut Almond Peanut
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond
  • Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

I don’t think there is a flavor that I don’t like in this line-up! I especially like the dark chocolate varieties! All varieties of the Clif Organic Trail Mix Bars are organic (as the name says), gluten-free, low glycemic and contain 3-4 grams of fiber. Like all food from Clif Bar, these bars contain zero grams trans fat and do not contain partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives. Clif Bar also sources ingredients that are not genetically engineered.

Look for these new bars and other gluten-free products by Clif Bar in health food and grocery stores across the US.

*It is important to note that the Clif Mojo Sweet & Salty are NOT gluten-free. These bars were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. Thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced any anyone or anything.  


Apr 8 2015

Larabar Introduces New Flavors

Larabar products are a staple in my diet. I enjoy many of the different varieties and love when they introduce new flavors. Summer is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than by introducing two new summer themed flavors.

11146257 10152726444291994 343029022574026878 n

  • Coconut Pineapple Cake – Ingredients – Dates, dried coconut, dried pineapple, almonds, cashews, dried lime juice concentrate.
  • Strawberry Shortcake - Ingredients – Dates, macadamia nuts, cashews, dried strawberries, dried cranberries, pecans, vanilla extract, dried lemon juice concentrate.

Both varieties are dairy-free, soy-free and vegan in addition to being gluten-free. I love that many of the original Larabar line bars don’t contain any added sugar. If these bars aren’t your thing, make sure to check out some of the other bars Larabar has to offer:

  • Uber – Crunchy nut bar made with whole fruits and nuts.
  • ALT – Larabar with added protein from peas, not soy or dairy like many protein bars.
  • Renola – Grain-free, gluten-free mix of fruits, nuts and seeds.
  • Jocalat – Organic chocolate food bar made from fruits, nuts and Fair-Trade Certified chocolate.

Look for Larabar products in health food and grocery stores across the US or online. Do you have a favorite Larabar product?