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Aug 1 2014

Bonefish Grill Offering New Menu

We have been enjoying Bonefish Grill and their gluten-free choices for many years now. We met some family for dinner at the Dublin location last night and I was surprised to see they had changed their menu. We were told as we sat down that the new menu contained lots of new dishes, though a couple of the old favorites had been removed. I didn’t think much of that statement at first until I noticed that Jon’s favorite menu item, Saucy Shrimp, was no longer on the menu. He was really bummed when he heard, as Bonefish is one of his favorite places to eat gluten-free.

I ended up choosing Wood-Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter, Jasmine Rice and Broccoli. When our meals arrived I dove right into the Jasmine Rice only to find that something was very wrong with it. I asked our server if they had changed the recipe, to which he told me they did not. It was over-seasoned and not edible. Aaron tried the rice and he agreed. There may be foods that I can’t eat due to a certain ingredient, but I typically clean my plate or come close to doing so. I couldn’t take another bite of the rice it was so bad. I asked to speak with the manager, who apologized and asked if he could bring me a different side. I asked if he had tried the rice that day and he hadn’t, I suggested he do so. By the time they brought out another side for me, I had finished my meal.

After arriving home and walking our dogs, I began to feel sick, like I had eaten something with gluten. I have very specific symptoms, so there is no doubt in my mind that this is what happened. I don’t know if it was the rice, or something else that I ate, but I don’t see going back again to repeat the experience.

Bonefish Grill has locations across the US and appears to be offering lunch and brunch on both Saturday and Sunday now. This is a change from just being open on special occasions during those hours. Have you dined at Bonefish Grill recently? Have you tried the new menu?

Jul 31 2014

New Products From Van’s Natural Foods

Van’s Natural Foods has been making quality waffles since the 1970s. They brought those waffles, including a gluten-free version, to local grocery stores in the 1980s. Today Van’s has expanded their product line to include multiple gluten-free products with several new ones just hitting the shelves of local grocery stores.

Some of those new products include:

IMG 2753

PB & J Bars

  • Blueberry & Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry & Peanut Butter

IMG 2754

Gluten-Free Pasta

  • Ultimate Cheddar Penne
  • Creamy Herb & Garlic
  • Rotini & Red Sauce

IMG 2751

Gluten-Free Granola

  • Cranberry Almond
  • Blueberry Walnut

Gluten-Free Chips

  • Mighty Good BBQ
  • Nacho Nacho Man

Gluten-Free Cereal

  • Cinnamon Heaven
  • Honey Nut Crunch

Most of these products can be found on the shelves of your local mainstream grocery stores. The pictures above were taken at my local Walmart store. Have you tried any of the new products from Van’s Natural Foods? If so, please share your thoughts below.

Jul 30 2014

Tonya’s Gluten-Free Kitchen Soft Pretzels

Gluten-free soft pretzels are not easy to come by. I have seen one or two different brands over the years in my local health food store, Raisin Rack, but they have been so expensive, that I have never purchased them. When I say expensive, I am talking over $15/package. When I ran into Raisin Rack yesterday to grab some protein bars, I quickly went down the frozen gluten-free aisle and spotted a new gluten-free soft pretzel made by Tonya’s Gluten-Free Kitchen. I was thrilled to see that these were priced at $10.99/box in the store.

IMG 2844

I didn’t buy any right then because I wasn’t going straight home, but I plan on picking up a package the next time I am in the area. The soft pretzels are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and come in four different varieties:

  • Original Soft Pretzels
  • Original Soft Pretzel Bites
  • Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels
  • Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzel Bites

More about Tonya’s Gluten-Free Kitchen:

In 2002, Tonya Bernard’s daughter, Cailie was diagnosed with celiac disease after suffering extreme malnutrition and weight loss. Shortly thereafter, Tonya was also diagnosed with celiac disease.

Like many people with celiac disease, Tonya began searching for gluten free bakery foods that tasted more like their gluten equivalent. She quickly became frustrated by what she found and set out to create her own recipes. “I wanted my 3 year old to have the same treats as other children. I was also determined to bake bread that didn’t have to be toasted to taste good and didn’t crumble in your hands.”

“By the time Cailie entered Kindergarten, I had succeeded. One thing Cailie and I missed was a buttery soft pretzel. My parents and I were experimenting with different recipe combinations and stumbled upon a product that reminded us of that famous aunt’s soft pretzel. With a few modifications and months of experimenting, we came up with a soft pretzel that we are very enthusiastic about!”

As friends with celiac disease tasted her creations, they asked Tonya if they could buy these foods from her. Encouraged by the response, she started baking in 2008 from her home kitchen and selling to fellow celiacs at various support groups in the Lancaster and Harrisburg, PA region.

As demand increased, she started selling to grocery and health foods stores in the area and eventually outgrew her home kitchen. In the summer of 2010, Tonya started a gluten-free bakery in Newmanstown, PA.

Tonya’s Gluten-Free Kitchen Soft Pretzels can be purchased directly from the website or found in over 238 stores in 23 states.

Have you found a gluten-free soft pretzel you like? Have you tried making them at home? 

Jul 29 2014

Grocery Shopping, Shelf Labels & More

I did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday evening, fully intending to get right in and right out. I don’t know why, but that never seems to happen. If I would just go down the aisles that have the items I need, I could probably cut 10-15 minutes off of my trip. I think part of the reason I “wander” is that I like to discover new gluten-free products, as the gluten-free section seems to be continuously growing. As I was browsing the gluten-free section yesterday I noticed the following:

Photo 1

At first I thought Annie’s changed their box/label, but upon closer inspection, I saw “wheat flour” on the label. Not only does the shelf label below clearly say “GF” and “micro mac”, but this is part of a huge gluten-free section.

Photo 2

Obviously, this is a mistake and whomever stocked the shelves wasn’t paying attention. So what does one do in this situation? I considered moving all of the boxes to the proper section of the store, about 6 aisles away, but decided against that. I have tracked down store employees in the past only to have them look at me like I am crazy, not understand what the problem is, promise to talk to the person in charge of that department and the product remains in the incorrect location. Finding and talking to the store manager is probably the best way to solve the problem quickly.

What I really want to impress upon you is this…read labels each and every time you buy and eat a product that could potentially contain gluten (or any other ingredient you must avoid). It is unfortunate that we have to do this, but mistakes happen and you are responsible for your diet, or the diet of your gluten-free child.

Jul 28 2014

Review: Great Value Gluten-Free Cookies

Just a little over a week ago I purchased several of the new Walmart brand, Great Value, gluten-free products. We have been working our way through them and today’s review will focus on the cookies. There are three different varieties of gluten-free cookies in the Great Value line-up:

  • Shortbread Cookies
  • Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
  • Cocoa Sandwich Cookies
IMG 2758

The sandwich cookies are just like their non-gluten-free counterparts…they taste great, have a wonderful texture and are great to dip in milk (especially vanilla almond milk!). The Shortbread Cookies are very good, however 2/3 of the package was crumbled or broken. I am not sure if that was in isolated incident or a problem with that cookie. If it turns out to be an ongoing problem, they would still be good as ice cream toppers or used as a crust for a pie or cheesecake.

All products are certified gluten-free by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Gluten-Free Certification Program. Walmart has locations across the US – check here for the location closest to you. Have you tried any of the Walmart brand gluten-free products?