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Dec 17 2009

Are All Nuts Gluten-free?

Nuts in their pure form are gluten-free. Peanuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, cashews, Brazil nuts and all other natural nuts are gluten-free. Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also gluten-free. The thing you have to watch out for with nuts is  packaged nuts that have flavors added. Many of those are gluten-free but several brands make nuts with wheat added into the seasonings that have been added to the nuts.

Blue Diamond and Planters both make many flavored nuts that are gluten-free. Read the label to determine the gluten-free status of any nuts. Typically, any nuts that contain gluten do so in the form of wheat, not barley or rye. Nuts are one food category that has fairly easy to read labels, making it simple to determine the gluten-free status of the products. Candied nuts are also an area of concern when it comes to gluten. Some brands are gluten-free and others are not. Naturally Fresh Salad Toppings nut products are all gluten-free, according to the Atlanta based manufacturer.

Candied nuts in restaurants contain gluten more often than not. For whatever reason, the Chefs at many places add flour to the coating mixture for candied or spiced nuts. Often times I’ve ordered salads that come with candied nuts, only to be advised that I can’t have the nuts due to them containing gluten. It’s extremely easy to make both candied and spiced nuts without any flour whatsoever – gluten or otherwise. Here are a few tasty recipes from Recipe Zaar, in case you want to make some for the holidays.

Nuts are something you have to read the labels of, just like every other item that is not labeled gluten-free. The main thing to remember is that plain, unadulterated nuts are gluten-free and all others need to be checked for their gluten-free status. Any time I’m ordering a dish with nuts when dining out, I double check with the  server, asking them to double check with the Chef that the nuts are indeed safe for me to have. For some reason, nuts are one of those things that are often overlooked when dining out, in regards to gluten. When looking for safe foods to enjoy at holiday parties, remember not to assume the nuts on the table are gluten-free.

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  1. Tammy Swenson says:

    I’m confused on buying nuts. Diamond nuts all say they are processed at a factory that processes wheat. So I stay away from them totally.

    • Andrea Begotka says:

      I just found out that Archer Farms brand of deluxe mixed nuts at Target may be contaminated with gluten in the factory so they told me to avoid them. I have no idea what nuts are safe because most don’t officially say “gluten free.”

  2. Sally says:

    Look for raw nuts at Trader Joe’s. Soak in 1 tablespoon salt and water overnight- rinse pat dry and slow dry on parchment paper over pan in oven at 140 degrees for 24 hours till dry and crisp.

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