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Jul 3 2013

Sunshine Burger Adds New Varieties

I have been eating Sunshine Burgers for the past few years.  I was initially attracted to them because they were free of soy and used sunflower seeds and brown rice as a base.  Now Sunshine Burger has added more variety to their line-up.  This is just in time for the summer grilling season.  It’s not […]

Jun 4 2013

Review: Tummy Drops

We can all agree that having an upset stomach can ruin your day.  Does that mean you have to suffer?  No, of course not!  Take action and find out how you can try to make yourself feel better. I was pleased to find out about Enteral Health, a company that  makes “Tummy Drops”, Natural Drops […]

May 23 2013

Review: Lauren’s Kitchen Biscotti

I recently had the opportunity to sample some biscotti made by Lauren’s Kitchen.  Lauren’s Kitchen was created by Pastry Chef Lauren-Hoover West who is allergic to gluten, dairy, sugar and more.  More about Lauren’s Kitchen: She believes in enjoying healthy and delicious food. She was tired of going out to Coffee houses with friends and […]

Nov 12 2012

Katz Thanksgiving Specials

The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching.  Have you figured out what you are preparing for your big meal yet?  If you happen to be looking for ways to simplify the day, make sure to check out the Katz Gluten Free offerings.  Katz Gluten Free is now offering their pies in family size!  What easier way […]

Mar 12 2012

Review: Ricola Products

Just when you thought cold & flu season was behind us, schools are closing due to flu outbreaks!  I have to say I was a little shocked when I hear that on the news this week, though I do know of several friends fighting the crud.  As I have said before, being sick is bad […]