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Jul 20 2015

Review: The Worthington Inn

I had the pleasure of spending a special evening with my mom last week when she was in town. We spent some time sifting through local restaurant recommendations and ended up choosing The Worthington Inn. The Worthington Inn was built in 1831 as a private residence and though it has changed a bit in appearance […]

May 4 2015

Mother's Day Gluten-Free

Mother’s Day is just six days away. Will you celebrate by going out to brunch, lunch or dinner? Will you be hosting or attending another get together? We have plans to go out to my favorite steak house. Some wonderful Mother’s Day options that offer gluten-free menus include: BJ’s Brewhouse Bonefish Grill Carraba’s Outback Steakhouse […]

Feb 18 2015

NFCA Webinar: The GREAT (Kitchens) Solution to Eating Out

How often do you dine out? Have you reduced the number of times per week that you eat out since you began the gluten-free diet? When I first began the gluten-free diet in January 2006, I immediately stopped eating out. I was terrified that I was going to be “glutened” by a restaurant, especially since […]

Jan 9 2015

Cottage Inn Offering Gluten-Free Pizza and Sandwiches

Cottage Inn, the first restaurant to serve pizza in Ann Arbor in 1948, is now offering gluten-free sandwiches in addition to gluten-free pizza. Cottage Inn began offering gluten-free pizza because they wanted to give those who have to follow the gluten-free diet options. It is hard to eat gluten-free in a gluten-filled world, especially if […]

Oct 6 2014

Around the World Gourmet Pizza Now Being Served Around Columbus

Around the World Gourmet pizza crust is made with organic, non-GMO ingredients and free of gluten, dairy, soy, egg, corn and nuts. I first sampled the pizza at the 23rd Annual Celiac Conference in 2010 and fell in love. It is hard to believe that something without so many of the above listed ingredients can […]