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Feb 1 2014

Larabar Introduces Two New Uber Bars

Larabars have been a staple in my diet since I first started the gluten-free diet in 2006. Back then there were little more than a handful of flavors and the Uber Bars were yet to be introduced. Now there is a Larabar out there for just about every taste palate. I am thrilled to share […]

Dec 20 2011

Just $2 Can Go a Long Way: How You Can Help Send Children To A Gluten-Free Summer Camp

Did you go to camp as a child?  I never had the opportunity, but can only imagine what fun that would be!  There is a very real problem, though.  How do you make sure that your gluten-free child can eat safely while away from home?  The summer of 2012 will be a great summer.  Why? […]

Jun 23 2011

GF Disney – Gluten and Allergen Free Disney World By GlutenFree Passport

Just recently I wrote an article reviewing some products by GlutenFree Passport.  Since I wrote this article, a new product has become available that I would love to share with you – an app for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad for gluten-free dining at Disney World.  While I have read about dining being fairly […]

Jun 18 2011

The Frosty–A Wendy’s Classic

The Wendy’s Frosty has been around for as long as I can remember.  I was never much of a fan of Wendy’s as a child until we moved to Columbus, Ohio, the location of the first ever Wendy’s and the Wendy’s HQ.  I remember eating at the first Wendy’s on our first visit to Columbus […]

Jun 17 2011

Gluten-free Travel Poll

Many people on the gluten-free diet change their travel patterns due to their restricted diet. People who once loved traveling are suddenly afraid to eat outside their own homes.  This makes traveling difficult to say the least.  Sure, one can always book accommodations with a full kitchen and make all their own meals when away […]