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Jun 25 2008

What are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease?

Worried you might have Celiac Disease?  Unlike many other diseases, food allergies, and/or food intolerances, Celiac Disease does not have a few standard symptoms you can easily look for.   That is why it often takes an average of 5 years before receiving a correct celiac diagnosis.

Currently their are two ways to know for sure that you have Celiac Disease.  The first and recommended method is to talk to your doctor about getting tested (which usually involves a simple blood test and/or an endoscopy).   The second option is the new Celiac Home Test Kit, which allows anyone to take the initial blood test from home, then consult their doctor with the results.

With that said, you may be wondering what symptoms you should be experiencing before discussing the possibility of Celiac with your doctor.   Here is some general information about Celiac Disease symptoms that you will hopefully find useful.

Adult Celiac Disease Symptoms

Celiac Disease may appear at any time in a person’s life.  In fact, recent studies support that it may even be more common in the elderly, or anyone that has experiencing a life-altering event.   The disease can also be triggered for the first time after a surgery, a simple viral infection, severe emotional stress, pregnancy or childbirth.

Celiac Disease is a multi-system, multi-symptom disorder and symptoms in adults are extremely varied.  Symptoms can even mimic other bowel disorders and are not always gastrointestinal.  (For example, adults with Celiac Disease are often originally misdiagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome prior to receiving a correct diagnosis.)

Children Celiac Disease Symptoms

Infants, toddlers, and young children most commonly exhibit growth failure, vomiting, a bloated abdomen and behavioral changes.

General Symptoms of Celiac Disease May Include One or More of the Following:

  • Recurring bloating, gas, or abdominal pain
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation or both
  • Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
  • Pale, foul-smelling stool
  • Unexplained anemia
  • Bone or joint pain
  • Behavior changes/depression/irritability
  • Vitamin K Deficiency
  • Fatigue, weakness or lack of energy
  • Delayed growth or onset of puberty
  • Failure to thrive (in infants)
  • Missed menstrual periods
  • Infertility male & female
  • Spontaneous miscarriages
  • Canker sores inside the mouth
  • Tooth discoloration or loss of enamel

In addition to the above symptoms, there are also a few situations where a child should be tested for Celiac Disease:

Have You or a Family Member Been Diagnosed With the Following?

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • IBS
  • Eczema
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dermatitis Herpetiformis (see below)

Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) Skin Rash

Dermatitis Herpetiformis is skin manifestation of celiac disease characterized by blistering and intensely itchy skin. The rash has a symmetrical distribution and is most frequently found on the face, elbows, knees and buttocks.  DH patients can also have gastrointestinal damage without perceptible symptoms.   If you believe you may have DH, please consult your doctor about being tested for Celiac Disease.

Article Written by:

Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Undiagnosed says:

    I have seen and heard of many people being mis-diagnosed. Sometimes it takes a while until you find a doctor who listens. It’s a debilitating disease I would not wish on anyone.

    Thank you for this information, very informative !

    • Manuela Miari says:

      I have just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease but blood test does not fully confirm that you have it until you have a biopsy of the bowel. I have to have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy to confirm this and so that way it will be accurate and I can treat it. I always wanted to know why I kept getting a bloated stomach and feeling nauseous, tired and weak lacking in iron was because something wasn’t right and my thyroid function TSH dropped low indicating that I was Celiac. Good luck with everything and get well soon.

    • Stephen S says:

      This was the case for me. I went to my doctor after having symptoms and diagnosed me with IBS. Went like that for 2 years. A friend pushed me to get tested for celiac. Not trusting my doctor I looked online and found http://celiac-disease-test.com and guess what? The blood test came back Positive for dgp IgA and ttg IgA! I feel so good right now. The first time in 5 years.

  2. Julia says:

    I have been trying to fall pregnant for 2 years, and after a friend told me that infertility can be caused my a hot body temperature, I straight away googled it.

    I have DH, recurring bloating and my body temperature is so hot. I am going to see the doctor first thing tomorrow to get tested.

    • eli says:

      Julie I had one child and tried 6 years for a second one. I even tried IVF. It didnt work. During the 6 years of trying i continued to miscarry. Eventually I gave up and by some miracle I fell pregnant with my little boy. I was diagnosed with celiacs 6 months ago. I wish someone they had diagnosed me earlier, I would have changed my diet and had more children. My Daughter is 11 and my boy is 5. He also has been diagnosed with celiacs. Good luck….

  3. Karina says:

    Hi Julia,
    Have you been diagnosed with CD? If you have celiac disease, it’s the inability to absorb nutrients that is the issue with pregnancy, not body temperature. There is alot of good research out there linking undiagnosed CD with infertility. All the best

  4. Lorraine Steele says:

    Hi I am a 65 year old female and I have been suffering from lower abdomen cramping and a brain message telling me to urinate, a tender abdomen feeling when I breath deeply or sit down with a jolt. I do have aching joints and do not have a lot of energy However I do not have bloating These symptoms started 2 years ago and were diagnosed as Urinary Tract Infection but on investigating this I was found to have anemia/blood in the stool thus Bowel Cancer was found and treated. However the UTI’s type symptoms have continued with the only treatment offered by GP and Urologist is antibiotics which do offer relief while I am taking them with a reoccurence within days of no antibiotics. I did try a liver cleansing diet which cut out all artificial foods just living on fresh produce not manufactured products and this offered some relief also. I discovered by elimination of foods that I had reocurrences after eating large quantities of flour type products (pastries,biscuits, pasta,yum cha etc) I am now looking at the gluten free foods. Has anyone else had urinary / bladder symptoms with gluton intolerance and could I have celiac disease??

    • Allyson says:

      I know this is coming late but you really should be tested. Especially hearing that you were diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. My grandmother and two of her sisters died from cancer that we later gathered was brought on by untreated Celiacs Disease. The other three sisters all have Celiacs (still living, just without gluten now). I hope this helps. And try and find a specialist. Don’t change your diet prior to going, it may have an effect on the results. Good luck.

    • Tiffany Janes says:

      Yes – overactive bladder can indicate issues with gluten, though it’s not necessarily indicative of the confition of celiac or gluten intolerance. Certainly, I agree with Allyson’s comment that you should be tested for celiac disease. If you are gluten-free during the tests you can not get accurate results. If your test results are inconclusive – and sadly they often are – then you might consider going strictly off gluten to see what happens.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Lorraine. I have just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and come across this web page with your comments posted last August. The uninary tract infections are exactly what I have been experiencing for the past 12 months. As with you, antibiotics help while I am taking them. I also have very bad bloating and pain low down on my stomach on the left hand side. I feel very unwell all the time and feel nausea after most meals. I have now started on a gluten free diet and after only 3 days have seen minor relief of some ailments. Just wondering what happened to you. If you can spare the time to respond, I would appreciate it. Thanks Michelle Perth Australia

    • Michelle age 33 says:

      Check into a bladder illness called interstitial cystitis. It is chronic!! For me it felt like I had a UTI “all the time”!! Burning, stinging, blood in urine, plus I had “regular” urinary tract infections… Besides going “gluten-Free”… Try the “no heart burn” diet which means no bananas, no tomatoes, no orange juice… anything with high levels of potassium OR acid containing foods. Or you could try the “EASY” method.. see a urologist!! And MAKE them test you for “IC”. Personally besides a gluten free diet I’m allergic to MOLDS … No mushrooms or melons, it’s even risky for me to eat “too many” strawberries. So, I have Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, B12 anemia, interstitial cystitis, and am Gluten Free.

      Many Heart Blessings & Good Health,


      • Nicole says:

        Hi Michelle, I know this is really late but i also have IC and have tried absolutely everything to relieve the pain. Im only 23 years old and I have botox injections into my bladder every year to slightly paralyze the bladder so it lessens the pain. Lately i have been getting really bad bloating and stomach cramps after eating food and initially thought that it might be irritable bowel syndrome. After reading your comment im now thinking of the gluten free diet. I didn’t realise there was a link between the two. If you have any suggestions on what can help please help me out. Thank You. Nicole

        • Catherine says:

          Hi Nicole, I am 35 years old and I have also Botox injections into my bladder every year. I have urine losses since I am a child. Everybody thought it was psychologic but now Im thinking it can be celiac disease. I have already tried a lot of medics without any results. After an urodynamic test, a severe overactive bladder was diagnosed. Even with the Botox injections I still have urine loss at nights but it lessens the pain and the urges to go to toilets. Did you try a gluten free diet ? Maybe you have done tests for celiac disease. Please tell me if you have this. Maybe I have the same. I have an appointment to a gastro. I have gastrointestinal symptoms as diarrhea, abdominal pain, gas, fatigue and canker sores inside my mouth. I would be glad to hear from you and other people who have overactive bladder and celiac disease too.

          • Nicole Brigg says:

            Hi Catherine, My Mum and my brother are both confirmed Coeliacs and when they have gluten both suffer from a constant sensation of needing to go to the toilet. For years Drs told my Mum it was urinary tract infection. It disappears on a gluten free diet. Mouth ulcers are also a typical sympom. Hope this helps.

    • Kirby says:

      Hi, my daughter is four and had been toilet trained for two years and then she has had many accidents with both bladder and bowel and a gluten free diet cleared these up straight away. Am in the process of getting her tested.

    • Angela says:

      sounds like a yeast intolerance as you have the addition of urine infection, urge to urinate. Good luck

  5. sasha says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant and looks like i might have CD. Throughout the pregnancy i’ve been sick, vomiting, jont pain, bloated stomach ect which i just thought was apart of being pregnant until i stared to vomit everything i ate with wheat in it.
    I’m very concerned about having a new baby and changing my diet for my new family. We are on a tight budget as it is, and i’m not sure where i will find the time to cook meals.
    Any advise would be great as I’m nervous about becoming a new mother and now having CD.

    Thanks sasha

    • Kyle Eslick says:

      Hi Sasha,

      Sorry to hear about your situation. Have you spoken with a doctor about your situation? I don’t know many Celiacs who vomit after eating wheat (the problems are usually on the other end) so you may want to consult your physician and get an official diagnosis before attempting a gluten-free diet. The gluten-free diet is somewhat unhealthy for someone who doesn’t have a gluten intolerance of any sort, so you’ll want to confirm with your doctor fist.

      Good luck and I hope all goes well with your preganancy!! 🙂

      • donna says:

        Hi i’ve been a diagnosed coeliac for over 10yrs I just had to say that the symptoms of coeliac is so varied. having been gluten free since I was diagnosed I know pretty much once food goes to my stomach if it is wheaten I can feel it reacting and constritcing almost imediately within 10 mins I can be vomiting. Some people can react to a simple crumb of bread. I also feel that the comment about the diet being unhealthy for non cd people is a bit silly, the basis of the diet is whole fresh food with limited exposure to processed food which is topped up with fillers usually wheat. The alternate grains on offer to coeliacs are now being touted as super foods.
        So I dont mind having cd most of the time as far diseases go a healthy diet isn’t that hard to manage. Although that place that sells the deep fried buckets of gunk smells awesome when u drive past – I really don’t miss it, my version is way better:-)

        Take heart people who are suffering with the many of the varied and symptoms of coeliac ask your doctor for a blood test and follow up positive results with an endoscopy, samples from the small intestine not the large intestine! If your getting a sample from a colonoscopy then you may have cancer from undiagnosed and untreated coeliac.

        If u r unsure see your doctor! But once you change your diet it will change your life it is possible to feel well 🙂

  6. Shannon says:

    Hello, i have had the blood test for celiac but it came back negative. I firmly beleive that i do have it, i even look at a slice of bread and im on the loo!!
    Does anyone think it is worth having the endo…. (camera) to check or not??

    • PML says:

      Ask your Dr. for a copy of your test results–my son and daughter were both just tested, and told they were negative, when in fact the dr.misread the tests–and this was 2 different dr’s..

    • Manuela Miari says:

      i recommend you do have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. Sometimes Celiac Disease becomes undetected in normal blood tests, They can do a biopsy of the bowel and see if you have Celiac Disease. It sounds like you may have it but I will advise you to see a specialist to find out one way or another for your piece of mind.

  7. Kathy says:

    I have celiac disease and have recently been getting a burning sensation on my scalp along with small red bumps wich then turn into pimlp like blisters which are quite painful alomost like bruises, but are not itchy, but scalp can be itchy on occasion, i am wondering if this could be Dermatitis Herpetiformis, my scalp is often red as well as my face, and seems to flare up a few days after i have eaten out. i also have type 1 diabetes and overactive thyroid which i am on medication for, i am realy worried about this as my hair is falling out and realy need some answers.

  8. Yvette says:

    I have been recently tested for Celiac disease by my doctor due to having low blood iron and he thought that this may be the possible cause for my body not absorbing the iron. The results were negative. I still feel lethargic and have suffered from bloating for as long as I can remember. Is it common for the results of a Celiac screen from a blood test to be wrong and if so are there any other tests that I can have?

  9. Tiffany Janes says:

    I recently did an interview with Shelley Case about the inaccuracies of both the blood and biopsy test for celiac. Unfortunately about 20% of patients are missed with those tests due to inaccurate reading, sample taking, etc. Many patients are walking out of the doctors office thinking they don’t have celiac, when in fact, they do. The last resort for many people is trying the gluten-free diet. Not just giving up bread or pizza but removing all gluten containing foods from their diet. If heath issues clear up, go away or greatly improve, it’s likely the person has issues with gluten that are resolved on a gluten-free diet.

    • Dharmesh says:

      3 months I am suffering from stomach issue. First 2 month I was having diarrohea then now I did twice blood test, but doctor couldn’t diagnoised anything. Specilast recommend to do endoscopy which will cost $$$. Last 3 – 4 days, I am taking gluten free diet. My stool is getting ok, but still I am worried. Should I go for endoscopy or not. My financial condition is poor

      • jeannine says:

        I was waiting to have a colonoscopy and tipsy but couldn’t tolerate eating any more gluten. I’ve many professional opinions and came to their same conclusion that it’s obvious I have celiac . So I cancelled biopsy and am now gluten free. It’s only been a week but am slowly slowly seeing feeling results. I was also diagnosed thru colonoscopy and biopsied the same time for celibacy 3 years ago. So maybe crohns bought on celiac . I feel symptoms more from celiac then crohns though. When I had surgery to remove ulcerated terminal ilium there was no ulcer or signs of crohns. This was less then 12 mths ago. So my Dr is just as baffled. Does this sound familiar to anyone.

  10. nadine says:

    my 45 y/o twin is currently undergoing tests for C.D. The doctors first thought her bowell problems and her itchy blistering skin, fatigue , muscle and joint pain were the result of years of built up medications for the treatment of spondotitis brought on by ross river disease. Unfortunately, due to the maedication going straight through her, the medication is not working and the full symptoms of her spondotitis are in full swing again.. i would appreciate anyone who has the same problems with medications to steer us in the right dirrections as to the best foods to avoid and the best ones to start on to get her on the right track a.s.a.p

  11. Chloe Gibbs says:

    I am 24 and have 2 children although there is a 5 year gap between my children… I thought I would not be able to conceive again after my first… I suffer from cronic constipation some days and as a result of all the strain I have painful heamorriods. Other days I can not even begin to descrbe the pain Im in and I have diarrhea. I have cronic bone pain sometimes, I am anemic, I have low BP. I get very moody sometimes and suffer from depression although I have just gone off treatment for depression….Should I be tested? I have recently had a bad time with a specialist and am scared to go again. What does the invasive test involve?

  12. Hotel Executive says:

    Hi I am a 65 year old female and I have been suffering from lower abdomen cramping and a brain message telling me to urinate, a tender abdomen feeling when I breath deeply or sit down with a jolt. I do have aching joints and do not have a lot of energy However I do not have bloating These symptoms started 2 years ago and were diagnosed as Urinary Tract Infection but on investigating this I was found to have anemia/blood in the stool thus Bowel Cancer was found and treated. However the UTI’s type symptoms have continued with the only treatment offered by GP and Urologist is antibiotics which do offer relief while I am taking them with a reoccurence within days of no antibiotics. I did try a liver cleansing diet which cut out all artificial foods just living on fresh produce not manufactured products and this offered some relief also. I discovered by elimination of foods that I had reocurrences after eating large quantities of flour type products (pastries,biscuits, pasta,yum cha etc) I am now looking at the gluten free foods. Has anyone else had urinary / bladder symptoms with gluton intolerance and could I have celiac disease??

  13. olsa says:

    Hi was watching DR.Oz and this celiac disease i have been sured for months with cramp bolding and sick to my stomach and the doctors always said i had IBM but after reading on Celiac disease i beleive that i have it everytime i eat i think im going to die called my doctor and got a appoint to have it checked

  14. Tiffany Janes says:

    For a couple of clarifications about incorrect info on the re-run Dr. Oz show today, read this post –

  15. Missy says:

    I just wanted to say that Infertility can be affected by blood sugars and being glucose intolerant. I had it dealt with and had a bub, am trying again for another. My doctor told me a couple of years ago that I have boarderline Celiac, I think it has just flared up so I am off to get checked again. Try to keep positive.

  16. michelle says:

    Following blood tests, for constant bloating and pain for many years Ive been told by a doctor I have the celiac gene, and told to eat gm free foods, Im a bit confused does that mean I have celiac now and shouldn’t eat any gluten products or should I have further test to confirm I actually have celiac? If so what test. Also is it a harm to occasionally have some gluten products? Any help would be greatly appreciated im quite confused.

  17. isabel says:

    just so you all know…ciliac is’nt that bad!! it means you a very healthy person and you probably know how to cook very well. i wish i had it sometimes.

  18. Janell says:

    I wish all I HAD wrong with me was Celiac! If that were to be the case, I would be fine! I have many other health issues, but have my Celiac Disease under control through a very strict, healthy, gluten free diet. I guess I should not call it a “diet”-it is now my way of life. I became VERY ill 10 years ago and tried everything to heal myself. It took a couple years of experimenting with different foods and eliminating certain ones, until I figured it all out. These days, I try to only eat whole, unprocessed foods such as : meat, fruit, vegetables and brown rice products. It has helped me quite a bit, although because I have so many other things wrong, I am far from healthy.
    I no longer crave any junk foods or sugar. When I smell the grease from fast food places, it makes me nauseous. I wonder how I used to be able to eat like I did? It has become my way of life and I feel strongly that if everyone ate this way, society would be MUCH healthier as a whole.

  19. Danielle says:

    My doctor insists I do not have celiac or gluten intolerance, yet whenever I eat bread or pasta products, I am bloated and constipated for days and have debilitating headaches. I am about to start a gluten-free lifestyle to see if it helps. If it does, a big “I told you so!” will be in order.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Danielle

      My son had be debilitating headaches for years. They were so severe, he could no longer attend school, go on holiday or anything else. He was very quick to vomit and we put that down to his “migraines”. At 11 years old, he was finally diagnosed with Coeliac disease. At that time, he had the bone age of an 8 year old. Poor child was severely malnourished. It is extraordinary, how difficult it is to get a diagnosis but the variety of symptoms don’t make it easy. Why does your doctor say that you don’t have Coeliac disease. Have you had any tests? Kate

  20. hayley bryant says:

    juat after some info im 31 and recently been told i have ibs i have been looking on websites finding all sorts of info when i read an article about misdiagnosed ibs could be celiac, now my brother has celiac and has done ever since he was a baby 37yrs does this mean i have a greater risk of having it? i have tried cutting out bread and have felt a little better not sure weather its just my mind playing tricks tho lol i am off to the doctors tonight to see if he will put me thro for a blood test.

    • Hayley,

      Have you ever been tested for Celiac Disease? If you do have a relative with Celiac Disease, you definitely want to be tested, especially since you have been told you have IBS. The symptoms of IBS and Celiac Disease can be very similar.

      Good luck!


  21. Chris says:

    I u feel better on a Gluten free diet….stay on it!

  22. Sharon says:

    My coeliac disease was confirmed by blood tests, DNA tests and a colonoscopy…I also have Hashimotos disease. For me the biggest problem is my left side below my ribs, is bloated all the time – doctor didn’t seem to care and told me it was a reaction to some foods but it looks weird – I havent had a waist for a few years now but this swelling on one side is odd… so I am now eliminating other foods besides gluten and those brassicas etc that irritate Hashimotos…I still love my dark chocolate…that is my treat!

  23. Colleen says:

    My daughter is 10 years old and sometimes complains of a stomach ache, she has a test done even on for a stomach ulcer. drs says she is just very constipated. She doesnt go to the toilet (no.2) every day. i think she may have CD. I was going to try and cut down just her bread intake first to see if this helps at all, so no sandwichs for school. This morning she had no complaints until she 2 snuck to pieces of toast for breakfast. Then one the way to school she said her tummy hurt. Does anyone esle think it could be CD.

    • I would highly suggest that you have her tested for Celiac Disease. The initial screening is simple blood work. If that should come back positive, they can do further testing to confirm the diagnosis.


    • Tawnya says:

      Try a six week “no Gluten” diet. You can replace her bread with Gluten Free Bread. I have a 9 year daughter with Celiac Disease and she likes the “Udis Gluten Free Bread”. Once I removed gluten from my daughters diet, she felt so much better. You can find Udis breads and other items at most health food stores. Keep a journal or everything you child eats for six weeks. Also, log her symptoms (stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation). Good luck!

    • Kristy Miller says:

      DOn’t give up gluten, get her tested! Because if you give it up before she gets tested, the results will not show up correctly . You really need to know if she has CD or not. I recommend going to a Gastroenterologist. I have been trying for years to get tested for Celiacs, spend t 5 min with the dr today and he said “I am testing you for Celiac without me even mentioning it! Just remember you want to get her tested before giving up gluten!

  24. Jeannine says:

    I was diagnosed with crohns desease 3 years ago, although my symptoms have worsened to the point where I feel it’s not crohns but celiac. Because the symptoms now relate more to celiac then crohns. I did have an ulcer in my terminal illieum with my first colonoscopy, but when I was having an operation to have this removed, the surgeon said after the op that it was ulcer free. Does this make sense to anyone . Can you get ulcers from having celiac even my biopsy for celiac 3years ago was negative. Anyway my symptoms have worsened and my next colonoscopy and biopsy is in two months. Hopefully I’ll have answers then.

  25. Daniel says:

    Hi all
    I am currently being tested for celiacs and looking at the symptons I may have had it for some time. As a child I remember having some of the symptoms, like stomach pains, frequent urination, bloating, I was at times a moody child just to name a few. I have had the blood test, just waiting for the results, but if this comes back inconclusive or negative should I ask for the other test? I have also had depression for many years and have suffered anxiety since childhood. The thought of being diagnosed with any condition is setting of my anxiety but I guess it is better to know and be treated then not to no and have further problems.

  26. endathal says:

    i have suffered from so many of these symptoms for along time now and i keeps getting put to ibs. not once have i been tested for celiac. i feel sick after most meals, especially bread and pasta. i bload alot. I also have depression and anxiety, very little to no energyy and i had alot of urinary tract infections which ended up losing a kidney. Very interested to have this tested for. Its in my family and i never realised untill now this is what it could be.

    • Kristy Miller says:

      I understand how you feel, have you every been to a Gastroenterologist DR? If not go! I was there for about 10 minutes explaining what has been going on with me recently and then for years .. and he said automatically that he was going to test me for Celiacs.. and if people in your family have had it you definitely need to be tested! Good Luck

  27. Sunita says:

    I think I may have Celca? I have have got some of the signs of what I have read above!

  28. Erica says:

    IBS is a diagnosis that should not exist. There is a gluten allergy expert that explains it like this – you go to the doctor and tell them your bowel is upset, it’s irritated, and then the doctor tell you – “you have irritable bowel syndrome”. The response to the doctor from the patient should be, ‘i know, that’s what I just said. tell me WHY.” IBS is allergic colitis. Your bowel is allergic to something. Figure out what that something is, remove it, and you’ll be better. I have 5 major symptoms of gluten intolerance, and the most painful was chronic UTIs.

  29. Dani says:

    I am 38 years old man living in Africa.
    I am confused with celiac disease and malabsorption syndrome. No one could figure out my problem.
    Major symptoms :
    Foul very offensive,diarreha, bloating,
    Pale and light stool. completeness during decafetion.
    Please let me know your advice.


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