August 2008 - Celiac Disease
Aug 31 2008

Gluten Free Tip – Be Careful of Serving Dishes

There is no more to being on a gluten free diet than simply eating gluten free foods.   There is of course always the problem of cross contamination.   What about those dishes and community plates? Here is a tip courtesy of Strawberries are Gluten Free: We used to serve “fancy dinner” on Sunday evening with our […]

Aug 31 2008

Gluten Free Diet – Do You Eat Oats?

I’m sure most if not all of our readers are following a gluten free diet, so I’d like to get your thoughts.  Do you eat oats? There has been a lot of discussion about oats and where they fit into the gluten free diet over the last few years, so the only real safe thing […]

Aug 31 2008

Gluten Free Ground Rice with Apples Infant Recipe

Hunting for some homemade infant baby food recipes? Here at, we’ve managed to locate a few recipes that can help parents who are looking for gluten free baby foods they can make for their child at home. Enjoy! Gluten Free Ground Rice with Apples Recipe Ingredients: 1 small eating apple 2 tablespoons ground rice […]

Aug 31 2008

Children with Celiac Disease

The damage to the mucosa lining of the small intestine is the same for both children and adults. There appears to be a rapid loss of cell surface with the result, even with increasing cell recovery, it is unable to keep up. The loss of absorptive surface cells of the mucosa of the small intestine […]

Aug 30 2008

Gluten-Free Friends: An Activity Book For Kids

Gluten-Free Friends: An Activity Book for Kids by Nancy Falini What better way for kids to learn about Celiac Disease than through an activity book? The book has coloring pages for the youngest child and lessons and activities to use as your child gets older. The pictures and activities are designed to teach your child […]