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Gluten-Free Fast Food

There are a growing number of fast food chains that are starting to offer gluten-free menus, but for the most part, many of the fast food chains have been resistant to acknowledging any of their products as gluten-free. This is likely due to cross-contamination concerns by company lawyers, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from getting a gluten-free meal while out in public in times of need.

As a result, we’ve been doing our best to track down gluten-free information at fast food chains to share with the celiac community. Below is a compilation of what we’ve found so far. Whenever possible, we’ve provided a direct link to the gluten-free menu. In situations where one isn’t available online, we’ve instead linked directly to the allergen information.

Note: This page is updated regularly in an effort to keep it as a valuable resource. If you have any gluten-free fast food information that we are missing or needs updated, please let us know!

Fast Food Burger Restaurants

Fast Food Chicken Restaurants

Fast Food Mexican Restaurants

Fast Food Miscellaneous Restaurants

Fast Food Sub Sandwich Restaurants

Currently this list is still fairly small, so if you know of any other fast food chains that publish gluten free information online, please take a moment to let us know about it!

Note: If you are looking for additional gluten-free restaurant information beyond fast food chains, please check out our Gluten-Free Restaurants page!

Bonus: Want to take gluten free restaurant information with you on the go? We recommend the excellent Gluten Free Restaurants Guide, which is a small print guide that includes over 5,000 restaurants and 80 restaurant menu lists from many major restaurant chains. It even features a breakdown by state so you can find gluten free restaurant menu information no matter where you are within the United States!


  1. Joanne says:

    Thank you for compiling the info for those of us with dietary restrictions.

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