Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet Resources - Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet Resources

The internet is filled with a variety of wonderful and growing number of celiac disease and gluten-free diet resources, communities, and more! Below we’ve attempted to collect some of the best and most trusted resources for your convenience. If you know of some resources that should be included on our list, please let us know!

Celiac Organizations

Celiac Support Groups

Celiac Websites

Celiac Guides/Reference

Celiac Disease Support Forums

Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diet Books


  1. Cindy Spencer says:

    Just for those who would like to try some Fried Chicken.
    I found a Halal Fried Chicken place on concession street in Hamilton Ontaio. They will make it gluten free. I am allergic to the wheat am not celiac. I have enjoyed the Chicken and fries from this little take out restaurant. I have not had a reaction. Hope it’s the same for my celiac Friends.

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